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Home > TECH NEWS > America Movil to buy MiPhone for…US$70 million. And now the rumours and questions.
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  • And you know David, this is going to be a fun time, because at the end of the day- the consiumer wins. SO let them fight over me and spoil me with offers on top of offers.

    While I will concede that Jamaica is generally a pretty price sensitive market. Jamaican consumers don’t often experience that level of customer service, meaningful cultural integration by a company.

    Cable & Wireless only started to care when they felt the heat…if Carlos Slim’s MiPhone comes hard and heavy in this market…we’re gonna be Cable & Wireless who?.

    So Cheers to the billionaire, to the smartest company that knows how to tap into the now and future needs of the Jamaican consumer.

  • The richest man in the World enters the Jamaican mobile phone market – nothing to sneeze at for sure. This is my analysis based on my knowledge and your excellent post.

    (1) This is a direct result of Digicel’s foray into El Salvador. Carlos Slim likes near monopolies and if you try to compete with him, he will bring it. Oceanic in El Salvador eliminates one competitor and makes it easier to have a dominant position.

    (2) The best way to hurt a competitor in a new market is to attack them at home. Digicel is incredibly strong in Jamaica, but the success of Megaphone shows there are still profits to be made.

    I expect MiPhone to launch a major counter-offensive against Digicel and start a price and features war that will see rates decrease, and unlike Cable and Wireless, they will have the money to support the reduced profit margins.

    This is now a battle of the billionaires – Slim vs. O’Brien