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Review: Digicel Consumer Electronic Show

Kingston, Jamaica- This year the three year old annual Consumer Electronic Show snagged Digicel, the Caribbean’s largest mobile provider as its title sponsor. So many expected to get more, but were sorely disappointed, even as I’m sure over the two day event this weekend, a pretty decent crowd passed through

  • Amen to that!!

  • You are not the only one that felt this way. I walked in and within 10 minutes I was finished. If it wasn’t for the fact that I bumped into a few people I knew it may have been over a lot sooner.

    I will admit though I was introduced to one company which I’m hoping will solve a problem for me…if they do will my $400 gate fee would have been well worth it.

    Hopefully next year someone will be smart enough to go online and Google cool electronics and take it from there…man there is just so much out there…