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Web Development Industry in Jamaica heading for a shake up

Jamaica - Jamaica only has a 34% internet penetration rate. has some 4000 site listings. Those two facts says a single powerful thing - we’ve got a long way to go in terms of a booming online culture here and a long way before web development(web dev) millions are

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  • Rodney this is a great strategy! Right competitive mentality is important andphh yeah God knows…the majority of companies are followers and in Jamaica…most companies are reactive, they move only if there is a threat by a competitor, outsider coming in!

  • I think it will require a strategic approach. “TMTTMTTM” sounds like a good formula, unfortunately..only if we’re dreaming. Who has time and money these days? 🙂

    So yeh, sometimes we have to look at it from a piece by piece approach as opposed to a wide scale “attack”.

    Out of the hundreds of businesses per industry, there has to be a couple that have the “right” competitive mentality. Identify them, get them on board..(offer a discount or some other deal). The idea is to have them as allies almost. Once they’re on board.. you develop a great marketing pitch that ties in their industry and pitch it to their competitors. Essentially: ” Company B just got an innovative/professional web presense and their ROI went through the roof over x months…and umm, how many customers have you potentially lost in that same period?” type campaign.

    Some of these businesses are just followers, half of them just trying to stay afloat and ironically see a web presense as a cost first..instead of a needed asset. Instead of stressing techno babble in proposals hype the ROI potential.

    Of course there are all sorts of elements that may hev it as it is now, but I think an approach as stated above could chip a likkle rubble off the ignorance wall.

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    Lady Roots, I agree with you totally !!

  • Education. Caribbean companies and their managers need to be better educated about the importance of websites, realistic pricing and what they should be getting in return.

    I hope to see seminars and conferences in various islands on the subject, sponsored by Ministries of Technology in each island.

    After that, one company that agressively promotes their web dev skills with a focus on small companies. All you need is one person to start generating lots of publicity for a solid service comparable to outside the Caribbean and some are bound to follow.

  • Peaceful greetings. When enough capable, focused, ambitious young Jamaicans begin the ardous door-to-door campaign, armed with their laptops to show the innovative websites have created without the use of someone else’s design template, then we can begin to show Jamaican business owners, one by one, that there is a reason for them to have a web presence. The fact that so many businesses in Jamaica are owned and operated by people who are not tech savvy is one of the reasons that there are not more companies with a web presence. They just do not see the need for it. If you show a potential client that there is a true need and a justifiable benefit to them in having a well designed website, most of them are smart enough to realize they need to hire someone to design it for them. If you strive diligently to establish a reputation for excellence in your work and your work ethic, more and more people will hire you. This is true in my niche (installing and configuring point of sale software) as well as for web development.
    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  • The Master

    what will make it work? honestly apart from (TMTTMTTM)it is team work. Your brain, your skill, your ability, your will, your drive + others = no limit. But as we get older we hardly trust and keep all our marbles to ourself. No one wants to play marble anymore or elastic band against the wall.

    They all fear they will not have anymore marbles or elastic bands at the end of the day. I guess they have not heard of FOREX. They need to read your article.

  • The Master

    I really like your blog. I think is is really needed. Just need to make it more global.

  • The Master

    time, money, time, talent, money time, talent,money (TMTTMTTM)

  • cool…but what will it take to move it pass this point. let’s talk solutions, breakthrough ideas.

  • The Master

    You have basically stated what Jamaica industry has been like for the past 15 years. Very good job. Keep it up.