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Facebook Flyers Pro better than Google AdWords?

by David MullingsI have spoken about brands using social networking sites before but this post seeks to show exactly how Facebook can be used for targeted advertising (and why it could very well be worth so much money).Facebook has had a feature called Facebook Flyers where

  • Rodney, excellent points and love the data. Thanks for the correction on the site stuff – Blogs do tend to have AdSense.

    Looking forward to the feedback on flyers. Got a comment from a skeptic on another blog – they don’t get the hype behind Facebook but now LOVE flyers after trying it.

    As you rightly say, everything has its place, and Google isn’t about to let it’s golden goose start slowing down.

    p.s. I like your galaxy analogy

    As to David Spark: Auditing is definitely needed badly and I agree that Nielsen is in the best position but moving rather slow

  • David,

    I’m more than a bit busy trying to get a couple sites ready for launch this month(Ingrid..I ain forget yuh!).

    Once I’m through the insanity I’ll be sure to try the Facebook Flyers and let you know what I think.

    I said Google Adwords/Adsense is probably on 1 out of 3 sites we VISIT. I visit a lot of tech, blog and business sites, and I’d say it’s fair estimate of 33% with AdSense on them.
    Of course some companies shy away from Adsense, because it takes much more resources to manage than display ads(i.e..blocking specific sites from appearing, monitoring the ad displays etc).

    I read in a post on this site about Bloggers..(over 70 million..and 120,000 created daily), how much would we bet that that more than 85% of those blogs have Google Adsense on them.

    My point about the platform is that Facebook is still juust all popular and powerful ON facebook.
    It’s like comparing our solar system and the rest of the galaxy. Adwords is just too far reaching, and it IS Google’s trojan Horse, with their millions of blog minions rolling it out daily.

    Facebook has its place, and it would be wise for us to use it to our advantage..I still don’t get the multi billion dollar hype, sounds a whole lot like pre bubble babble to me.

    As for Google revenue:

    “The revenue breakdown: Google sites fourth quarter revenue totaled $1.98 billion, or 62 percent of sales. Partners sites, the ones that use the AdSense programs, brought in $1.2 billion in revenue. That’s a 50 percent increase. International revenue in the fourth quarter represented 44 percent of sales.”

    50% increase!? Damn!

    Another few years and Adsense will be their golden goose at the rate it’s growing.

  • Hey David, that targeted ad example you show is excellent…assuming we believe that they’re truly gathering these people. Want the industry sorely lacks is a third-party auditing system like a Nielsen to let us know that those numbers are valid. Google has gotten away with giving us bogus numbers regarding click fraud and they’re saying they’re correcting the problem. Once again, we have to trust them. A third-party auditing system would do wonders for the industry yet no one seems to be taking control. I think Nielsen is falling short, but I’d love to be corrected on this and proven wrong.

  • Valid points, but I noticed you didn’t answer the question posed in the post.

    Also Google still generates the bulk of its revenue and profits from search.

    Also, AdWords is NOT on 1 out of 3 sites or even close – not professional sites. Most professional sites with respectable traffic choose display advertising, not Google AdWords, to monetize their traffic.

    As for “just a platform” – that is akin to saying that Windows is “just a platform” and we have seen what the power of platforms can do in many areas of tech.

    I made a clear case for how Facebook can be leveraged to reach consumers via advertising similarly to AdWords – that should be easy to understand.

    Getting the “hype” around Facebook is far easier if one actually tries to use it, just like how people never understood the “hype” around PCs, cellphones, text messaging, CDs, DVDs and so much more.

  • Frankly, I really don’t see what the big hype is about Facebook. I sense more than anything people were craving a new big thing..and facebook, kudos to them were able to leverage themselves into that spot.

    Facebook at the end of it, is still just a platform, and a social one at that. Google has long gone beyond being just a Search Engine or Search platform.

    Where Facebook loses is their attitude about being THE network, everything goes through us type approach. Google on the other hand with Adwords, had skillfully overnight almost put their ad system on millions of sites. Most importantly with Adwords at the start of it IMHO is the fact simultaneously Google was able to establish their Brandname outside of Search.

    Google Ads are probably one out of every 3 sites we visit these days. With that type of penetration…Facebook can really only make a dent if they’re planning on being more open…as opposed to exclusive.

    Oh how soon we forget how quickly the mighty can fall. Let’s not forget AOL. THey seemed unstoppable not soo long ago, with their “Gated Community” setup.

    Google isn’t perfect by any means, but I really think they get it when it comes capturing the market.

    Folks(Businesses and consumers alike) thought they were insane when they started pushing the everything’s “free” route, but the master plan they have cooking is based on a serious recipe.