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Buy Caribbean Event Tickets Online at

  Island is a Jamaican based company that offers event goers a safe,secure place online to buy tickets for their favourite Caribbean events. It also allows event planners and promoters to sell their own tickets online as well. brands itself as an end-to-end online event ticketing service. "We are very

  • Great service….. looking forward to working with them!

  • Karin

    Great service!! About time!!

  • The man is every where Ingrid. Everywhere. Cant really think of a local blog that i haven’t seen him on. Very intelligent person though. His comments are generally on point.

  • ok ok I can’t take it any longer, Esteban…who are you? you are a regular reader and commentor and we really appreciate that.
    Where are you from and what’s your background. email me.

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    Great news with respect to online ticketing.Indeed,a needed service.Nonetheless,a caveat!Be careful of Jamaican bandoolooism!