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Jamaica Observer jumps into Blogging

Jamaica- The Jamaica Observer, the Kington-based daily newspaper owned by Hotel magnate Butch Stewart has launched its first blog called Observations this week.Observations will highlight new ideas, innovations, inspirations, issues and people impacting development in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The daily newspaper jumping into blogging is a recognition they

  • It is good that the Observer is going into this avenue. Having a blog can give us a different perspective on things. Good stuff

  • I happened across it recently as well and was quite impressed, especially because the site itself is in need of a major upgrade.

    It’s nice to see blogging catching on with the mainstream media and they aren’t simply regurgitating news. Let’s see how the comments part develops though.

  • Yes their blog is pretty nice..
    Glad to see it isnt cluttered with ads and thing in hopes of making that .10 cents per day

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    I have visited the Jamaica Observer’s Blog and found it quite informative.Hopefully,it will be a blog with stimulating issues,news,ideas and interesting tid bits regarding Jamaica in particular and the Caribbean in general.Also,hoping that it will be well trafficked/visited by various and sundry posters in terms of comments.Wishing the Observer the best.

  • Stuart King

    Thank you for the link. I haven’t read off of the posts yet but I have to give the Observer credit they seemed to have done a good job.