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Jamaica- is another forex trading, online investment company headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. It’s what is classified as a High Yield Investment Program(HYIP). They offer 1.4% - 1.9% daily interest on your money, using the progressive compounding method. Your initial investment is locked in for 150 business days

  • Marva

    I invested my money January 2008 but have not been able to get into eBullion or minvestment and have had no answers. I can ill afford it.

  • trevor morris

    in jamaica here i have my two account plus my mommys a/c
    and all my friends too.

  • I invested $100 in ‘minvestment’ in December of 2007 and was looking to cash in around June or July 2008. The site went down in Jan. or Feb, I heard an underwater cable was cut accidentally, which prevented contact over the internet from my home in Seattle, Wa. USA. I am also learning that some admin of e-gold are supposedly being arrested and/or being held for ‘money laundering’ through e-gold. A guy just can’t make a HYIP buck no way no how, crap!

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  • I invested in Minvestment also, but now I’ve found something where I’ve been paid and am expecting another payment soon. Very high yield.
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  • Andrew Richards

    Well i was fooled by these people. I invested US $2000

  • Andrea Gooden

    Maydaisy is another one that is very questioning, I am quite worried cause since January, their site has been down too.

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  • Minvestment has been down for for several days without any info from the admin. I think they have decided to close their program.

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  • Ingrid, I heard about this one from a friend back in November as well when he sought my advice. I simply pointed out that the numbers are way out there but it is possible to make a return of 1% per day in forex so they are not implausible, just highly unlikely.

    Most HYIPs, especially on the web, are pyramid schemes and I have seen enough websites talking about them.

    My recommendation was exactly what you did – put in some money that you can afford to lose and if it works, great, if not, chalk it up to experience.

  • Mark Saldeba

    Greed…it always finds away to sneak back and bite you where it hurts….”Your Money” I agree with the author only invest what you are willing to lose!

  • Hugh Bowman

    Well I’ve been in for nearly a month and all seems to be going well. I’ve heard of three persons (Jamaican friends) so far cashing in their returns, two last year and one since this week.
    I have a lot of my colleagues and friends investing in this HYIP.

    Just have to wait and see!!

  • pondering

    p.s. I found this thread on a website about e-bullion.
    Was looking at e-gold but there is no clear way i can see to get that money out of e-gold into a local bank account. All this middle men.

  • pondering

    Ingrid, this cannot be for real. Let us know how that 400 goes!!! My mouth is watering.