Music in the digital age only = digital distribution?


by David Mullings

I ask this question because I was recently invited to present at the Global Reggae Conference in Jamaica at UWI Mona on a panel about marketing music on the internet. My presentation focused on using the tools of the web such as SEO, SEM, why a website is important and the opportunities with social media. One of my fellow panelists was Christopher Edmonds from Rebelmix (this was my third panel in 12 months with him) and he focused on digital distribution and the opportunities there.

The Reggae Academy had a separate set of panels two days later and their panel on music in the digital age only had presenters from digital distribution companies, not a single presenter relating to online marketing! The panelists made sure to point out that they only put music in stores but it still needs to be promoted.

I realized that the organizers obviously equate “digital age” to merely “digital downloads” and do not include online marketing and it was a loss for the attendees, especially when compared to the UWI conference. I hope that next time people in the Caribbean seek to educate others about the digital age and how they can benefit from it, they most certainly would make sure to include at least one panelist who can speak to online marketing tools.

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  • I would like to also add that most do not understand online marketing, less understand the quality of a good solid domain name when branding.