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Free Press Release Submission Websites for the Caribbean

I'm in the middle of creating an online publicity campaign for a client and found three free Caribbean-focused press release submission websites - which was the first PR wire of the Caribbean which is based in New York, which is out of Barbados and then we have Jamaica-based

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  • thank for the information, I am still compile a list of PR website

  • Hi Ingrid…thanks for the tips…a great site here and some really useful information so I’ll add you to my blog…

    One thing though – the Jamaica PR site seems to be spelt wrong on your entry – it should go to

    All the best – Alexander

  • Hey Ingrid,
    Thanks for that, but CaribPR is most defnitely not free. It’s not even close. It costs a pretty penny even for a one-time blast. 🙂
    – Caroline

  • Hey Karen, glad you like. There are some wickedly useful sites on that list. I loved it when I found it.

  • Yes, these sites are great!

  • Bianca

    The second site you listed is incorrect. It is (releases is plural).