What’s your social media profile and what does it say about you?

How many social networks and how many social tools do you use regularly, daily even? I started to feel pretty overwhelmed the other day. You see, I run a boutique digital marketing agency and write this blog and with all the client work, keeping on point with information and trends in the Caribbean and globally…I use my blackberry to keep a record of God knows how long the list of usernames, passwords for all of the social networks, social tools that I test and also use regularly. So it made me slow down to take a look at myself and ask what exactly is my social media profile and what does it say about me if anything? So here goes.

I have a linkedin.com profile as I network for industry contacts and new busines; a facebook personal profile and my company, a twitter account to promote and share this blog and one for my personal brand which is more about my journey as a serial entrepreneur; I am an rss feed addict as I pull news,stats to me daily to stay in touch with favourite bloggers (such as Seth Godin, John Chow, Shoe Money and Guy Kawasaki), prime tech and internet news sources. I have accounts on technorati,digg and stumbleupon both as promo and discovery tools for fresh and interesting content but I don’t use them daily more like weekly.

See why we as digital citizens have information overload at times and funny enough right now I wouldn’t want it any other way…do you?

  • Ingrid–I completely agree…I have to keep an Excel file of my passwords or I would be totally lost! It can be overwhelming and can cause other tasks to be put off, but I find that these sites are a great way to find news that I used to look to the newspaper or television for. And for someone who has family and friends scattered, it helps me to feel more connected to everyone to be able to see and hear snippets of what is going on with them.

  • I like the firefox platform for all those reasons you listed Ingrid. I only use three on a regular basis. Facebook, twitter, and feeds. I am not feeling overwhelmed yet. Keep up the good work. Cheers! 🙂

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