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  • What we may also be witnessing is the evolution of so-called Old Media, especially in the Caribbean. Once upon a time, radio-tv-print were mere “What’s On” sheets and town criers. Perhaps now mainstream media will focus on real news stories, real issues and real people rather than being a mere megaphone for other people’s self-indulgent activities (read ‘events’) and propaganda. That’s the challenge. The easy dismissal of the traditional way in which the masses (not wired/wireless elites) still get news and information is too flippant, too simplistic – and too dangerous.

  • Orlando thanks for sharing. Flexibility is crucial in todays marketplace…consumers have expectations of immediacy, instant gratification and choice like never before. Online Media feeds that, facilitates that…

  • Yes Karen/Yardedge…another question is…do THEY know they are becoming less relevant or are they too busy giving discounted ad packages to begin listening and understanding what is happening around them and to them

  • This is an great trend for all of us in the business of promoting events…no longer do we have to rely on the “mainstream” media. Competition is always a good thing. Worldwide the mainstream media seems to be becoming less relevant so my advice to them is they need to step it up and think outside the box if they want to not go the way of the dinosaur…

  • Yes Ingrid it is dwindling, because of what you stated online media companies are more flexible and it is more likely that your event will be covered by an online media platform.

    I share more here:

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