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Who are the Top 12 Jamaican Twitterers ?

Twittermania has gripped the world and the Caribbean and Jamaica are no different. Last week I wrote a post on the Top 12 Caribbean Twitterers, now I'm going country specific for a hot minute. Again, I used, which is a user-powered Twitter directory to track how many twitterers we

  • keri

    you need to update this has 300 followers and counting and there are others.

  • MFC Pageant

    Check MFCPageant they have 176 followers. The producer is Jamaican.

  • Jason

    Hey maybe you should do this monthly, i just added my site to wefollow and its now in the top 10 under the “jamaica tag”

  • This has been a lively one ehh? Well, I signed up for wefollow. A little confused by the site. Checked out twitterholic, and de rest a dem. Thanks Ingrid for the exposure to other great Caribbean blogs.

    Shey, I do agree. I reside in Hartford, CT but my blog is all Caribbean content or Caribbean centered. πŸ™‚

  • @ Shey

    My suggestion was to use multiple sources to properly research the list instead of just one. So a combination of wefollow, twitterholic, twitterstats and a few other twitter statistic services would have yielded more accurate results and made an even more valuable post.

  • @Jamaipanese

    The problem with that Twitterholic is that you only search by location. What about those who live in other countries, like myself?

  • @Jamaipanese: Ahh yes I’ve heard of Twitterholic and I just checked them out…Ok so I will as of now combine the two…to create the Top 12 for the Caribbean and Jamaica. I really appreciate the heads up.

  • it is not my intention to be difficult and I hope you understand that my aim is the same as you to raise the standards of technology and the web in the region.

    Wefollow is by no means the industry standard, where did you get that idea? There are many ranking and statistics resources for twitter users online and wefollow is just one of many. It my opinion a product like twitterholic and a few others does a much better job and it is always good to use different sources and research ranking articles in more detail to get more value.

  • @Stephanie Treasure…thanks for doing that and please encourage others to add their twitter accounts. Coz as I said to Jamaipanese, I chose to use what is being used as the Industry standard right’s like the Billboard Charts for Twitter accounts

  • @Jamaipanese….well you are right because I have missed a few people who most definitely have more followers…at the same time…you are wrong, it’s not about doing more research.You see I could have searched 5 more resources and still come up short…so hence why I selected what is being used as THE Industry STandard…and startd there. The fact that most jamaican/Caribbean Twitterers do not know as yet is a great opportunity for them to now know and shake up the Top 10 and Top 20 with ease.

  • Hi Ingrid,
    I will definitely add myself to this directory so I can be “found”. But for the record,

    Stephanie Treasure (784 followers) and (303 followers)

  • no Gordon Swaby? No Chris from Chrysalis? No Jamaipanese πŸ˜‰ and countless others, you should so more research and not just rely on one directory that many twitters from Jamaica isn’t even aware of πŸ™‚

    Glad to see Shey on the list at least I recognize someone there.

  • Ohh not at all. It’s thank to yourself for tweeting and also adding yourself to the directory so you can be found. We do hope more people do like you have. Keep doing your thing.

  • Hi there, thanks for the mention πŸ™‚