SiliconCaribe TV: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur in Jamaica

Episode 1 – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur in Jamaica
Check out our interview with Mike Michalowicz, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, best selling author of ‘The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’ and in demand public speaker. Some of the questions I asked him were:
– His take on the status of entrepreneurship in Jamaica ?
– What are the top two takeaways from this book for Caribbean readers ?
– Why the world needs Caribbean entrepreneurs?
SiliconCaribeTV…are video blogs from Like the blog we’re covering what Caribbean people and Caribbean companies are doing online and with technology. Lots more to come.

No more Bullshit: The Ramblings of a Jamaican Toilet Paper Tech Entrepreneur
Pictures From Jamaica, TPE Style

  • Ingrid Riley

    @Roger,@Jamaipanese Thanks alot guys…lots more to come.

  • Roger

    That was awesome! Congrats on your first video post Ingrid!!!

  • Jamaipanese

    excellent video post Ingrid.

    Looking forward to more like this!

  • Ingrid Riley

    Thanks a million Chris. Those interviews are coming right up!

  • Chris Chaplin

    Nice work, Ingrid. Need some interviews with the Caribbean movers and shakers inthe tech/media world. Keep it up.

  • Suzette Gardner

    Awesome! Great interview. SiliconCaribe is the best tech blog in the Internet 🙂

  • pileojobs

    Looove it!!

    Looking forward to subsequent posts.

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