More Free Jamaican Classifieds Sites launch to dethrone Gleaner Classifieds

Maybe they’re being inspired by the success of, the most successful online classifieds site online at this time., is pretty much the largest classifieds ad site in the world, the 7th most visited site in the USA, that generates more than 600 million free classified listings a year, makes between US$80-100m USD a year for charging modest fees for real estate and job listings in certain cities. Maybe it’s because there are still no dominant,household brand of a classifieds site as yet in Jamaica and entrepreneurs believe one is needed and is attempting to fill that gap. Whatever the reason there has been another recent flurry of free classified sites launched in the last 60 days.

We now have,, in addition to ones that have been around for over 6months –,,,,, They are all gunning to dethrone the big cahuna –, which has dominated the print classifieds for well over 50 years and brought that brand equity online a number of years ago.

Here’s a little bit more on the newbies: I got wind of via their heavy facebook ads and google ads campaign. They are the newest kid on the blog having launched within the last 30 days. This classifieds site is the offspring of Global Couriers company based in Kingston,Jamaica. In addition to the usual text listings, Global Classifieds offers posting of video listings and video resumes. The owner of this site Christopher Barrett, said it, they are gunning to dethrone by creating a better classifieds site. Consumers and time will tell. I found this site a few months ago and my review of them remains the same. – Deep Discounts Digitally Delivered has an excellent idea…it’s a classifieds site basically and a site where you can search, find, print and go redeem your discount coupons-but my question to them is…you’ve spend the time and the money to source and set up such a site, you are now running Facebook ads and sending people to an empty site? …come on!

  • Imma try the tool bar over the weekend!

  • Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search mediums will cipher the cream from the crop. After a few months Claja has attained google PR3 and first page status when searching for “Jamaica Classifieds” or similar. Have you tried the Jamaica Toolbar as yet?

  • The best new free classifieds site in Jamaica is . Find and Offer anything, and buy and sell everything on Locanto Jamaica. Locanto Jamaica is better because it implements a wide variety of social media sharing options to make sure you can advertise everwhere and reach everyone in your local area.

  • Team Claja

    Claja is yet another take on Jamaica Classifieds worth a look. Similar to craigslist and kijiji in which your ads don’t compete with banners, ppc and others for reader attention.

    Claja – Jamaica Classifieds
    Fast, Simple and Free Jamaica Classifieds

  • HI FIwiMarketing…good to hear from you. Keep us posted on developments.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback on Please let us know what you like and don’t like about our site. We have recently restructured the website to include other Caribbean countries and countries surrounding the Caribbean or related to it. So the direct link to the Jamaican section of FiWiClassifieds is

    We hear your opinions and would like to let you know we are here to stay.

  • Alot of these sites either have too much money or too little passion. Either way it may take some time to drag the Jamaica populous away from their forums and newspapers.

  • globalclassifiedsja is a nice site, but they need another domain. fiwiclassifieds is also looking good. not sure why target jamaica placed that ‘print’ in their logo – are they planning on offering coupons?

  • @Jamaipanese yeah you got that right. Site overload indeed and as my colleague Sandor said…with so many around how many of the will truly make money and become a sustainable busines.

    @Orlando…yeah it would have been good for them to have the domain, but let’s see how they make the ja work for them.

  • I really like Jamaican Classifieds and Target Jamaica. Nice names and easy to remember. Global Classifieds logo is not the same as its domain name. I think that will lead people to Global Classifieds dot com. I think the way they can combat this is to be optimized properly. Nice site though! 🙂

  • classified site overload!

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