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With the global dominance of Facebook,do Caribbean Social Networks matter?

Will Caribbean social networks become irrelevant as more Caribbean people continue to flock to Facebook to date, congregate and market their businesses ? There are now over 20 Caribbean-centric social sites and networks...which ones will grow, make money and be still relevant in a year's time and which ones will

  • Easton has a strong point. The fact that there are also cultural networks on Facebook presents another challenge to Caribbean sites. After all, if I can become a member or fan of Caribbean brands/activities/ whatever within Facebook, why bother to go across to the niche sites. I’m already on Facebook with all of my friends, with Caribbean groups I’m interested in etc.

  • Easton

    If you think of it, even though Facebook is an international site, it is essentially a network of many different cultures(Niche), for example, the Jamaican Network, Trinidad Network and so on. So advertisers will tap in to their targeted network to advertise their goods and services, promoters promoting events etc.

    So nothing can beat Niche Marketing( Caribbean), as each culture/network have its own uniqueness…. I really dont believe that there are such thing as international social networking sites because even though their Marketing Program is international since the site is a online community you are going to have people organizing in cultures/network. Notice, we are all here talking about a Caribbean Culture/Network on Facebook.. So good Caribbean Social Networking site will prosper.

  • @Tauya. You are right…the Caribbean social networks must be true to their unique Caribbean identity…so we can see ourselves there and connect with the people,places,sounds, words and things with which we are familiar.

  • I am worried about the growth of facebook, as it will thwart the smaller niche social websites.

    But I am sure if these websites continue to offer unique features and less a corporate structure, people will always identify with them.

    It’s like the corner shop and TESCO or Walmart

  • As far as Caribbean sites go, those that cater to a niche will/should survive (Tech Jamaica, Wheels Jamaica et al) if they play their cards right. For the ‘general interest’ sites, dem future look bleak IMO.


    Well said, Karel !!

  • @Karel,you are right. It’s quite fine to be inspired by the American success stories but we always have to map it as you said to our own unique market whether it’s Caribbean local or Caribbean global. And there are many opporunities.

  • For the most part, they will remain niche sites, and some will not be able to get the required number of users in order to generate profit. The thing is that Facebook is a worldwide thing that isn’t about to go away just like that, especially since the Facebook team keeps switching up things, whether you like it or not. The fact is that it keeps going through a metamorphosis so you keep being interested. Plus, that’s where everybody is. It’s also important to note that Facebook itself is yet to reap gigantic profits, as lot of its costs go into development, maintenance etc of the site.

    Caribbean sites, like Triniscene, which is more of a party and entertainment site, as opposed to a social networking site, will continue to be successful. However, being a webpreneur, especially in the Caribbean, is not for the faint-hearted or fad followers. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening online in North America, but we must remember that our demographic is very, very different, and has its own unique factors to consider.

  • Ahhh yeah thanks for that Maxime…how’s your site going?

  • maxime

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