SiliconCaribe TV: Cliq – the mobile app from Jamaica’s Software Architects

This SiliconCaribe TV video blog is an exclusive prelaunch demo. It’s about a Jamaican startup called Software Architects that has built a mobile phone app that works with even the most basic phone on the market and does things like this:
– allows you to top up on your prepaid minutes from you chosen mobile service provide -LIME, Digicel and send some to a friend too
-allows you to transfer funds between bank accounts
-allows you to pay your bills.
and more to come.
We caught up with them at the entrance of the Digicel Electronics Show weeks go. They were not exhibitors just curious attendees like ourselves. We’ll have more on this Jamaican startup led by CEO Damion Daley pretty soon.

  • Patrick Smith

    Is Damion’s software the same Mobile Money used by CoolBiz?

  • Well it’s prelaunch, so when they have officially launched. We’ll hollar with the website address etc. it soon come.

  • this is exciting! i didnt catch the website for cliq. keep em coming SC rocks!

  • Read This

    Jamaica software developers need their own trade show. If they already do, I haven’t heard about it.

  •’s all good. Damion is such a shy guy!

  • lol, he totally mispronounced silicon