Clients and their old media agencies vs new media agencies seeking those clients

Sandor Panton, the search engine expert, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur behind tweeted a powerful question yesterday. RT@top5jamaica said “When will Jamaican companies, event organizers etc. understand that ‘media’ these days doesn’t only mean Gleaner, Observer, TVJ, RJR etc.” In short when will they finally recognise that media now includes the Internet and that the Internet is not some abstract concept that will dwindle into being irrelevant the longer they ignore or the more they downplay its value to a client.
There in lies a fantastic opportunity.
Without question there are many Jamaican companies whose executives are clueless and set in their traditional media ways and who have ad agencies who enjoy that status quo. Why? Well ad agencies make a bundle from fees for placements in the traditional media especially TV, Radio and Billboards and they’re unsure how the Internet can deliver for their clients and for them.
The ad/pr agencies haven’t realised yet that they can continue to make some of those same fees even when they include the Internet as a full media opportunity for their clients. The ad/pr agencies haven’t brought themselves up to speed with what’s happening in the Internet, locally, regionally and globally and have not been able to advise their clients who are not there yet either. They are unaware of the status of the Jamaica, Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora digital culture, the numbers and statistics attached to that.
By the way, I’ve checked with a few colleagues of mine who run digital marketing agencies in the United States, and they have similiar struggles with ad/pr agencies too but not on the scale as we have in Jamaica and the Caribbean, simply because their Internet culture is more advanced and the digital marketing industry is farther along that ours here in the Caribbean.
That said isn’t the opportunity then one of education. The one things I see alot of going on in the US…seminars, webinars, conferences,ebooks, white papers,blogs in which business executives, ad and pr agencies can have to be continuously informed.
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  • Easton

    The problem here is not with the Agency/PR companies but with Successful Online Entreprenuers not being “ProActive” and “Informative” to these Ad Agencies and the public at large. We first need to organize ourself…. how about a “Caribbean Online Association Of Entrepreneurs, COAE”

    > Online Entrepreneurs need to Organized themselves and become a Lobby Group for development in the ‘Online Industry’…people who call themselve search engine experts and online marketing consultant and others should lead this process.

    > I am willing to pay an annual fee to be part of this Organization or Association….

    > Then now we are better able to inform the public/agency/company about online marketing opportunities, through magazines, seminars etc

    > the point here we have to be more “ProActive” too much talking about Ad Agencies/PR companies

  • @Kuwesi, I think both sides have a role to play. The Service Providers/Shephers to inform, publicise success stories and the companies/clients to inform themselves and be proactive not reactive.So many Jamaica and Caribbean companies can be that much more profitable if they chose fwd thinking over fear.

  • I agree with Sandor and think that education is the key. As with any new emerging technology, adoption takes time. And as there is obviously lots of money tied up in the “old ways”, adoption of these new online media channels will probably take even longer than necessary or prudent.

  • Kuwesi Steele

    While I agree that most caribbean companies have not embraced new media marketing channels, there is some blame to be placed on us ‘Internet Shepherds’. I know of a few Jamaican companies that are seeking to broaden their marketing channel mix to include the Internet, but have been slow to progress due to lack of guiding insight or services offered by online marketers. And, in my opinion, there are still only a few media/pr companies that really know how to use the Internet effectively.

    If we do not lead the flock …who will?

  • Opportunity is always there for those who have the insight. I do think they need to be educated but more importantly, we need to be successful in order for them to be beleivers. There is a powerful saying “Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them” by ~Maltbie Babcock