Are you winning on the uphills or caught on the recession treadmill?

winning on the uphills
winning on the uphills

This post was inspired by the Seth Godin’s blog post…“Winning on the Uphills.” You should read it. The link to this post came from Mike Michalowicz, the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur himself and it was on point and on time. It came at a time where I’d just about heard enough and had enough of the people around me spewing what I now call recession reruns. You’ve heard it…” boy, things are tough out there”, “Ingrid..gosh.. things are really rough sah.” Now at times it is in response to my internet marketing consulting fees and other times it’s just because the recession and how “tough things are out there” are now the standard patio, cafe, on-the-phone chatter. Yeah yeah, I know that there is a recession and I acknowledge that things are tough for alot of people and businesses, but I am big believer that even in such times people and businesses make money and I intend to be one of them.  I am also quick to recognise this time, as an amazing period of opportunity and I simply won’t allow anyone to sway me to think or act differently. Have you?

I believe this is a great time for Internet entrepreneurship.

It is a time when you can create, launch, test, prune and push yourself to greatness. Let the losers keep their head in some hole in the ground, while you put your ideas to work and take them to the Caribbean, to the world.

Always wanted to start a blog? do it right now. Been thinking about finally taking your boss on and making your company more social and engage consumers online? Do it. Want inspiration check out how a Island Grill Jamaican restaurant chain has been mastering Facebook as a consumer engagement tool. Have a great software-as-a-service product that you’ve been afraid to launch? Ohh dammit, just do it and if you need inspiration Google,Symsure or check out the story. Think you can’t challenge the big boys and win? ask the Jamaican startups and how they got the balls and are gunning for it.Think you have a wicked online community idea ? do your thing and if you want proof that it can be done surf on over to, the largest Caribbean online dating site.

Be the company, the entrepreneur, the startup that’s focused on winning on these uphills, take advantage of these “tough times” to improve, take risks while your competition laments and yearns for the easy spots on the journey. With that said, watch for the unfolding of our blog media network.