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LIME came a knocking to match the Internet speed that FLOW’s been Rocking

While updating this morning. I got a call on my landline and it was from L.I.M.E, formerly Cable & Wireless, who I've unashamedly called Crabbit & Wicked in the past and many times they deserved it. :-) The customer service lady on the phone said they are randomly calling

  • Tavares

    seem like that dude that wrote this article doesn’t know what he is talking about him self, no isp in Jamaica shares connection like flow using their technology you share your connection with everyone in your node i have used flow 8mb allot of time Saturday and Sunday is the worst time to be on u can hardly even get 2mb, when it comes to support I would give c&w 9 out of 10 why i didn’t give them 10 is because their customer service reps cant really help you but once they tell u the tech is coming to repair he will another ting is the up time I only experience down time like once every 2-3 months for like 1hr the most and some time I don’t even experience any for like 4-5 months I have been using them 4 years and cant disrespect them. When it comes to pricing yes they have been kinda cheating us but everyone would do the same ting if u don’t have any competition because if you charge a very low rate and ur the only isp when competition comes and go lower your doom everyone would take advantage until the very end, I love the competition because lower rates 4 me and right now if flow comes in my area I wouldn’t switch because trust me they are going to have more down time than LIME with those cable modems, giving you and example , ever wonder why most cable company channels show crappy picture those grainy signal in your internet connection allot of noise and bad signal in the line.

  • You know Garfield. You are right about the shared and non-dedicated nature of the ADSL 8mbps. It does sound sweet eh…I am gonna do a speed test to see exactly what I am getting. Or I’ll just revert or wait till I move into a Flow zone next year. LOL

  • Garfield Bolt

    Ingrid, Don’t be too quick to celebrate. Gofer has mis-informed you. All non-dedicated connections sold to “home” consumers at those prices are shared, be them from via cable or ADSL, and irrespective of the provider. With Flow you share on the node, with LIME/ADSL you share with those connected to your exchange, etc. Trust me a dedicated internet connection (DIA) at even 2MB would be several hundred US$ per month even in the USA. Truth is that only service providers and large companies usually need DIA. But 8MB from LIME is interesting. Tell me how it go..

  • Sweeett! looking fwd for this, currently on 1mb and it sucks ass.

  • Hmmm thanks for that information Gofer.

  • The connection from LIME is direct but you have to share the connection from flow with the people in your Node.I actually have the 8Mbps from LIME and it works perfect so far.Never tried the connection from Flow.