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46 social media sites for Caribbean entrepreneurs

We found this list on and added our Caribbean information to it for our global Caribbean audience.They had 25 social media sites. We added 21 Caribbean Social Media sites to make it more useful for us. If you’re a entrepreneur who has been seduced by social media tools such

  • Thanks for this information Latoya!

  • La-Toya Niles

    There is also a social networking site for professional Caribbean Women that I recently joined. The site allows Caribbean Women all over the world to connect and network to advance both their careers and their businesses.

    The site is called: Caribbean Women Who Lunch

  • Glad it was useful for you Sean!!

  • Great post, thank you so much. I had no idea these sites existed. Its fantastic these sites exist as the caribbean needs to make its niche in every sphere, be it technology, industry or just social networking.
    Thanks a million.

  • ok geat sites but caters to caribbean people and theirdescengants worldwide and they were not on the list. but i love this article its a great resource i visited all the sites. a few of them attacked my computer thank god i have norton virus protection.

  • You’re welcome Andrea…hope it proves useful for you.

  • Andrea BlackwoodHarriott

    This is awesome cool
    Thanks you
    As someone trying to reintegrate into the Caribbean Entrepreneurial environment Thanks for the research and the sharing.

    Hats off to you