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Kingston Beta- September 2009 Edition in two weeks.

We took a summer break and will return on Tuesday September 29th, 2009 at Susie’s on the Terrace, Southdale Plaza, Kingston @ 6:30 p.m. – 9:30p.m. Kingston Beta is hosted by us and our parent company the benefit of those who may not know, Kingston Beta is a monthly networking Meetup for the community of Jamaican/Caribbean people in the Internet/ Technology/ Mobile industries.  It has a very popular open mic segment for great ideas from startups we call Pitch This!

The Powerful Community

The Kingston Beta Community powers over 80% of the Internet activity in Jamaica and activity focused on Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora.

They own the social networks, blogs, media sites, online magazines, you tube video channels, online dating sites, product review and rating sites and message boards where Jamaicans are spending their time. They are the influential entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers and industry professionals and experts.

What is the Pitch This Segment ?

Pitch This is what we call Open Mic Night for hearing great ideas from Jamaican/Caribbean Web and Mobile startups. Each startup gets 3 minutes to pitch their idea, product or service, followed by 3 minutes in the hot seat for audience questions.

In September Edition of Pitch This: You’ll get the lowdown on Socialingua, Monagis and PlayJamaica

See you there.

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  • Hmmmmm me thinks you make a good point. Well you know our team is open to the evolution and growth of Kingston Beta…as long as it benefits the community and the country. In terms of reading it at the next Kingston Beta…how about YOU come to the next Kgn Beta and make this pitch in person. We’d love to have you.

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    Here is my pitch:

    Instead of being “a monthly networking meetup for the Jamaican/Caribbean people in the Internet/ Technology/ Mobile industries,” Kingston Beta should become an annual event that showcases Jamaica-based software developers and previews of their new or updated software packages. Student software engineers and website developers should also be invited to showcase their original apps.. whether it be games, mobile apps, websites and rich internet applications (RIAs) etc.. experimental, amateur and pro applications.. bring them all.. All things showcased must be stuff not previously available to the public.

    A lot of people are unaware of a small software development industry in Jamaica. This event should bring about much awareness, locally and elsewhere.. and hopefully spur greater enthusiasm and innovation in this fledgling industry.

    Yes, this is my pitch. Read this email at the meetup for me and then post the feedback from the attendants, right here. 🙂

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  • I Love This! I can’t wait to be on the island so I can become apart of this networking event! Go Jamaica, this so refreshing to see and read about positive things taking place when all I hear from the J’cans who are now in the states is how terrible the island is! I’m excited and can’t wait!

  • I get what roger is saying and i would say it is a concern if the persons pitching are not close to launching their product.

    On the other hand if they are, it means they are ready to market and promote their venture.

    To not take part because of such a concern would be equivalent to stepping up to me and saying “I’m selling you a product but I’m not telling you what it is because you may steal my idea.”

    That doesn’t work does it?

  • No Roger, The Pitch This segment gives startups the platform to do the following:
    1. Test their pitches with an audience and make them better.
    2. Helps promote their business, website, brand for free.
    3. Enable the founders of the startups to network potentially meet new clients or partners.
    and the list could go on. Additionally if Pitch This type platform were meaningly why then would it be one of the fastest growing startup platforms and competitions on the planet currently.

    We’re having Socalingua, Monagis and PlayJamaica on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009. You should come.

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    What has the ‘Pitch This Segment’ achieved? People giving away their business ideas to competitors sitting in the same room, saying it won’t work, but months later, announced a product derived from the said idea? lol