Why I do not need Cable TV again. Well sort of…

I’ve timeshifted and I’m spoilt for choice. And the fact is, there are ten of thousands of us in Jamaica, millions in the Caribbean and tens of millions around the world who are also in this place. The place where having choice is standard and your life just doesn’t facilitate a lengthy sit down on someone else’s sayso.

Seriously, when was the last time you sat and watch a TV show…outside of TrueBlood, Bill Maher, maybe Ugly Betty and possibly the video music awards shows. And if you missed an episode for some reason, I am 98% sure you can name two websites ( eztv.it and eztv.org yeah I said it!) where you can either watch it or download it for free or a very small fee and at your own damn convenience. And dare I mention the iPhone and Apple TV users. Then of course when HULU.com gets its American head out of its American ass, then we in the Caribbean plus others around the world will be able to jump in and watch our favourite America programming.

And I’m going to ask you again, when was the last time you sat and watch the news, it’s typically slightly depressing yes but are you like me who tends to get the news pushed to you on Facebook or twitter or by text message. In fact there are times the news breaks right there on Facebook or Twitter while mainstream TV, radio and oh my newspapers play catchup.

But ok,ok so EVERYONE doesn’t have high speed internet and a computer, but alot of people do and here in Jamaica and the Caribbean – if Digicel, Flow, Claro, LIME and a few smart computer resellers have their way- alot more of us will be watching our favourite shows, when we want, how often we want online without the bother of ads or worrying over whether Jamaican Cable operators will bring back HBO or Cinemax. In fact, they can keep em. Just continue to give me highspeed Internet at a decent price and I’ll make Cable TV totally irrelevant in my life. In fact. Not to self: I am so proud of you Ingrid, it’s been 4 months without boring cable on your gorgeous flat screen TV.

So have you time shifted or are you still the old school couch potato, a slave to a Cable TV schedule?

  • Randi

    Wagwan. Flow and Lime are discouraging. Lime internet keeps going out despite numerous attempts by technician to fix the problem at the port. Is there a way to use my own wireless router and connect to the internet through a separate device. I am tired of paying Lime for terrible service.

  • I think we should start a movement. Internet Yes, Sucky Cable TV No.

  • Tesi

    You’re not alone. I’ve already cancelled my Flow cable subscription because I don’t watch the tele. I actually prefer to see my fave tv shows online because there are NO COMMERCIALS in the online version 🙂