T&T’s Internet sector 10 years behind..i.e opportunity rich!

(Trinidad)T&T’s information technology (IT) industry is far behind that of the developed world, said Miles Abraham, director, Simply Intense Media (SIM). “T&T is about ten years behind first-world nations. What was happening in the United Kingdom (UK) about ten years ago is where we are at now. The mobile phone market was liberalised and then prices dropped, then the Internet exploded, so that’s where we are. Then broadband becomes mass market and everything goes online.” Abraham was interviewed on Monday at SIM’s Belmont office.

Talking about e-commerce, Abraham said many T&T businesses do not use e-commerce effectively. “The Internet sector is a bit behind where it should be. The sector is fairly behind because of the drawbacks of e-commerce. Many of the banks are not using e-commerce as they should be. They should be making it a bit more available to people. “They are trying to facilitate it, but it’s not really available to the average man on the street. You’ve got to have a fairly large account and maybe a credit card, but there are cheaper alternatives.” Abraham said there needs to be more a professional approach in the way online marketing is done.