Digicel Caribbean by Numbers…

I attended the 8th annual Caribbean MBA Conference last week held at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston. At the luncheon the Ceo of Digicel Jamaica spoke and gave a great keynote speech and I gathered a bunch of stats.

Here are some of the more interesting numbers.

– 5 per cent of the 1.98 million Jamaican subscribers are BlackBerry users.
– Digicel Jamaica has grown 30percent over the past 12mths
– Bermuda has the highest Blackberry  per capita penetration in the world.
– Haiti is Digicel’s biggest market by subscribers with customer with over 2million people on the network.
– Digicel Jamaica has over 70 percent of the Jamaican Market with 1.98m in Ja customers.
– Digicel Group has garnered 10.3m customers in 8 yrs in 3 geographical regions and 32markets.
– Digicel Group’s major markets are  Jamaica, Haiti and El Salvador.

– Digicel has 663 exclusively branded stores.

– Digicel has 310 roaming partners in 165 countries.
– US$9m has been spent through Digicel Jamaica Foundation
– US$6m has been spent through  Digicel Haiti Foundation.

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  • Jamaica maybe maxed out in terms of growth in selling basic minutes…let’s see what they do this year to grow data services. They said the growth of Blackberry users was 30% in 2009 and there is much more room to move in that area.

  • Interesting…thx. for sharing. You think they are maxed out in Ja?


    Interesting data/statistics on Digicel!!