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Bottom Feeder, Game Changer- Which one are you?

I remember when I had just started to grow my then web development company Dutchpot Interactive from 2003-2006. We enjoyed brisk business primarily because of our customer service, design talents and our keen understanding of the business context of why companies must be online. In house at our Seymour Park

  • Great post. In any market, there are always persons and businesses trying to just make a quick sale by lowering prices dramatically while sacrificing product/service and consumer confidence with hidden fess and other mischief. For me, I’ve been working on the art of showing potential clients the true meaning of a professional web presence, how it can create a different avenue of business and a new way of interacting with customers. Most local businesses do not understand the true value of the internet. We must continue to think of ways to make known the value of our services and bring home the fact that its not just a ‘quickie.’

    Also, our online newspapers are in a universe by themselves. They need to study how the online world is changing and learn from the big players. There is so much that can be done there, especially through social media and greater reader interactivity.