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Top websites in Jamaica based on User Traffic

As we continue to study the world wide web and focus on how we can take advantage of this limitless resource and marketplace, we must pay keen attention to the players who are winning the game and do so consistently. Also, we must learn as much as we can from

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  • I do agree to with Jonathan that Alexa based ranking is flawed but I do understand there there isn’t much of a comparable tool right now.

    Not a very surprising list but it’s good to know.

  • Thanks for your comment Jonathan.

    I do agree that Alexa is not 100% accurate when it comes to providing web traffic history. However, it does give a general overview of web traffic statistics over a particular period and what may be happening with sites.

    I’ve been searching for other ways of measuring site statistics and recently found another web analysis site – – Which is very good.

    The websites I chose do seem to be consistent in terms of their traffic history based on stats and fall in similar rankings.

  • Although you could guage the ranking using the Alexa tools it does not accuratly represent the actual webtraffic being experienced on the actual website. Some of the proven problems and issues with their ranking tracking and ranking tools are:

    * Alexa does not get much direct traffic and has a limited reach with it’s toolbar

    *a small change in site visitors can represent a huge change in Alexa rating

    *Alexa is biased toward webmaster traffic

    *many times new webmasters are only tracking themselves visiting their own site

    Why do many marketing hucksters heavily promote Alexa? Usually one of the following reasons:

    * ignorance

    * if you install the Alexa toolbar and then watch your own Alexa rating quickly rise as you surf your own site it is easy for me to tell you that you are learning quickly and seeing great results, thus it is easy to sell my customers results as being some of the best on the market

    * if many people who visit my site about marketing install the Alexa toolbar then my Alexa rating would go exceptionally high

    * the marketers may associate their own rise in success with their increasing Alexa ranking although it happens to be more of a coincidence than a direct correlation.

    points taken from the