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  • hey Marco, it was confirmed that it’s a scam from late last year when the calls were more frequent. It’s unfortunate but people are being duped by these pranksters.

  • Marco Allie

    I think you should contact Digicel Customer Care and perhaps try to speak with one of their managers. I know that both Digicel and LIME were running some promotions, so I really don’t think it’s a scam. But as you said, I am not sure why they would give the name of a store that has been closed. But give them a call.

  • Thanks for sharing this!
    And it is clear that this has not be dealt with fully. It can be pretty serious especially for consumers. Appreciate it.

  • Read This

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009, Kingston, Jamaica: Telecommunications giant, Digicel, is advising customers to be on the alert for scam callers who are contacting customers under the pretence of Digicel representatives. It has been reported that scam artists are calling Digicel customers informing them they have won large sums of money from Digicel and giving them a number to call to arrange to collect the prize. Wayne Miller, Head of Marketing of Digicel expresses, “I am outraged that persons would want to target the public in this manner.” He continued, “the scam has been reported to the police and the person or persons perpetrating this fraud can be charged and prosecuted”.

    Digicel advises the pubic to be extremely cautious about such calls. “Persons should always take precautions before giving out personal information or complying with requests of this nature”, adds Wayne Miller.To query or report any suspicious calls, please call Digicel at 1 888 DIGICEL or email: to verify any such calls.


  • I hear that! But why send my 71 year old mother to a place that no longer exists. I am taking this further as I really wanna know what has happened here.

  • bitejones

    I dont know about the digicel calls but i have gotten a call to my digicel phone from a LIME Customer Service Representative who informed me that my number was randomly selected and I had won a LIME Sim card with $3000 credit. I wasn’t asked any question regarding my demographic only if i would be able to secure a phone for the Sim card, i answered yes. I was then asked if i wished to pick up the Sim myself or would i prefer to have it delivered, i chose the delivery option, deciding that i was not going to inconvenience myself for a Sim, 5 days later i received a call from the LIME CSR who stated that the delivery man was on his way. The delivery man came later in the day, I met him in a public place, i confirmed my identity then was handed a envelope which contained the SIM along with a letter from LIME welcoming me to the service. I inserted the Sim to a phone i had and accessed my credit.

    So I am not sure if the Digicel calls are a scam but from my experience the offer from LIME is legitimate. Plus i have heard of other people who have received the same offer from LIME.