The Market has determined it

Those are the five words I’ve been hearing alot these past two weeks as I attend back to back meetings with marketing executives and CEOs of Jamaican companies across industries such as tourism, food and beverage and export. They are now ready to change the way they develop products, deliver services and market them- because the market has determined it.

I like the fact that they have seen the light and there is a desire to change and with speed and even better, prepared to take action that clearly demonstrates their courage too. While some may say that it’s better late than never,  I’ve always believed that insight and pre emptive strikes can detemine market leaders vs companies who are merely industry fodder. It is when you choose to acknowledge and act that will determine a company’s position in the marketplace.

  • Sam you’ve hit the nail on the head big time. But here is the thing they will either learn quickly or learn the hard way – the market rewards those who are proactive and kills off the ones who are reactive. Some Jamaican companies are complacent, mediocre because they are stuck in the old way of doing things and believe that the wold way will continue to be the way going forward. They oughta read http://www. for a heads up on the opposite of that thought.

  • Jamaican companies need to stop reacting to the market and start creating trends and encourage development.

    We seem to be held ransom by the shifting tides of the global market because of poor foresight and lack of innovation.