Social Media: Did You Know Facts

– Online Games and Virtual Worlds host over 2.5 billion identities worldwide, estimated to be worth US$14billion according to LCM Research.

-Social networks boast an additional 1 billion identities (Forrester Research, 2009) that have generated over $5 billion of revenue in virtual goods in Asia alone, according to Viximo Research.

– Globally digital revenues grew by an estimated 12% in 2009 totaling $4.2 billion in trade revenues (IFPI).

– Giga Omni Media says virtual worlds for the enterprise market is a $1 billion market today and will grow to $7 billion by 2014. Gartner says the collaboration market is $34 billion. The travel market $90 billion.

-With 250 billion emails sent daily, 90% of which are still SPAM, there is opportunity for PERMISSION to make a decisive impact.