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  • John

    I don’t think so. A recent study revealed that P2P file sharers, were more aware of newer music and movies than those who did not engage in P2P activities, they also purchased more often than anyone else and supported the industry through various purchases like concert tickets, memorabilia, clothing, and other consumer items and in the end, this is not about greed for P2P sharers. It is about sharing your interests and spreading the word to others who may not even have heard of such things who otherwise would not have developed an interest and in turn spend money on the actual items that the very greedy copyright corporations are bitching about when, in fact, profits for them are at an all time high.

    Copyright Violation in it’s true form is when I remake someone else’s film according to my own idea’s without asking permission. And then, I turn around and say this is my film. That is Copyright Violation, not sharing. Listen mate, I really don’t care what they say and how fancy they describe the definition to include the wind that blows or the sun that shines. They know what they can do with both of them. They are the greedy ones who wants to control and take your rights away as if they gave them to you at birth.