Jamaica Tourist Board Facebook Fan Page to hit 70,000 today

The Official Facebook Fan Page of the Jamaica Tourist Board(JTB) http://www.facebook.com/Jamaica is expected to hit 70,000 Fans today. They took over the Fan page from David Mullings, RealVibez Media who started it in the year of Olympics in 2008, awesome timing, but lost admin rights for over a year because of some Facebook rule which no longer exists thankfully.

The love of Jamaica never waned though as Fans across the world kept it going and growing. Mullings handed it over to JTB who officially took it over just over a month ago, got admin rights restored to the JTB and started started updates along a structure and strategy ( which included the design of custom pages MyJa, VibesJa, AboutJa) now unfolding as the Jamaica Tourist Board gets more social – on Facebook, Twitter soley tweeting promotions and deals and YouTube with three channels VibesJamaica, AboutJamaica, MyJamaica with many more Internet marketing initiatives to unfold over the next year.

It is a recognition by the leadership of the JTB  that over 70% of travel decisions are made online and increasingly those  buying decisions are being influenced by varying factors, the most recent and most potent of which is social media.

  • David Mullings

    Glad to see JTB building on what I started. Excellent work.

  • Yes indeed. Yes indeed.

  • Great to see that at least one of our gov’t entities gets the power of social media…