What di a*s! more Trinidadians on Facebook than Jamaicans ?!

So in writing the article Find out how many Jamaicans are on Facebook in 7 quick steps, I decided to check on our  Trinidadian neighbours and found out that as of today, there are more Trinidadians on Facebook – 364,960 than Jamaicans – 363,380. If you want to know how about other Caribbean countries or any country. Read this post.

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  • Internet Penetration is rising, but if Digicel’s research numbers are anything to go by, where only 1/3 of the population has a computer etc, we still have a little way to go. I think this year will be a banner year for Jamaica. We just gotta make sure we’re all prepared.

  • a little surprising. With internet penetration rising Jamaica will overtake them soon enough (that is *if* this data is correct/up to date)