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How to Measure your Power and Reach on Twitter

If you “tweet,” and you want to measure your power, your reach and how you rank amongst all other Twitter users around the world, there’s a website will put the hard core facts of your popularity right in front of you. will tally up your “followers and followings” and rank

  • The things is that the tools comes from an authority, that’s one. But just as Google doesn’t explain details of it’s algorithms either as people will try and game the system. They are pretty decent judge of influence…and again this is just ONE tool.

  • yeah I am familiar with, It seems to have popped down though. I’ve been trying their search service for the past two days. Got an error message.

  • Yeah kinda nice to be able to check that stuff eh!

  • wow 98.5, not bad ^_^. Cool Tool, thanks for sharing.

  • is o-k, but have you tried Twitterholic is more popular (Alexa, compete etc.) and provides regional/location ranks as well (ie. twitter rank in Jamaica).

  • Nice find.

    Naturally I was curious but I use it with the caveat that it is an algorithm that I will never be able to trust and cannot take as gospel.

    It will be useful when ranking users against each other if you are considering who you should target to try and get to tweet about your product/service since it is apples to apples but I would hate to see anyone take their score and start running around saying that “I am very influential because says so”.

    That would be funny to see but I think real-world influence would encompass more.