It has “scam” written all over it

In early August I received an interesting message on

Hi David,
Was impressed with your profile.
You have achieved quiet a bit at a young age.
Wanted to see if you are open minded about diversifying your self Income-wise, with out disturbing your career.

We are a MNC launching operations in Jamaica Next month.

What we have been able to accomplish through our mentoring program is similar to what you seek as far as your long term goal is.

Let me know, if you would like more information. You can get some info at


In order not to seem rude I decided to reply and let the person know that I was not interested in other ventures at this time. I did not get reply and forgot all about it. Then I received a similar message on Facebook, which I deleted and then a few weeks later, another one from someone else via LinkedIn:

Greetings Totlyn,

In today’s world of business, it is all about who you know not what you know. I actually run my own international marketing business. My business team expands all across the United States and into parts of Asia. It is something that I am very excited about because business is doing really well. My business project is expanding to Jamaica in September. I am looking for some sharp ambitious people to work with in the Caribbean. You come off as a very sharp and ambitious person based off of your multiple business ventures. Do you know of anyone who is looking to make some extra money in their spare time as a plan B?

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

The fact that they had another name indicated to me that they were merely copying and pasting the message, sending out to as many people as they could in order to see who they could get interested, direct marketing 101.

Reputable companies do not recruit on the web this way and if any reputable company was doing it this way, they would definitely be creating a very bad first impression. Personally, I feel that this is a network marketing company with plans to open in Jamaica and they are starting to build up the initial recruiters that will then get the ball rolling.

It has “scam” written all over it.

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  • Yeah man and I expect lots more that Jamaica and the Caribbean’s about to see a major spike in Internet Use.

  • I got the same message via Linkedin too!

  • Yep, I got the same message, I just figured it for a MLM Company.