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When Facebook doesn’t speak Jamaican

I was on Facebook last night and what popped up on the right side of my laptop screen? The ad above, that screamed a Jamaican bad word.  The gatekeepers who approved this ad, clearly are unfamiliar with Jamaican culture. For my international readers the word is "rass" I'd say is

  • Ha ha – I report people’s comments on f/book all the time – you know, the anti-politician, anti-human rights, homophobic stuff – which I find threatening and offensive and I don’t take lightly. It is always in patois, and I often wonder what the f/book people who review it think/say/do. But sometimes I do see that the comments are removed …. so maybe they have their Jamaican/English dictionary handy

  • That headline is an attention grabber for sure. lol

  • That is funny. When I signed on it threw me a little bit then I read the paragraph.


    How interesting !!!