When Facebook doesn’t speak Jamaican

I was on Facebook last night and what popped up on the right side of my laptop screen? The ad above, that screamed a Jamaican bad word.  The gatekeepers who approved this ad, clearly are unfamiliar with Jamaican culture. For my international readers the word is “rass” I’d say is on the same threat and offensiveness level as the word “sh*t”. This is what happens when Facebook doesn’t speak Jamaican. LOL.

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  • Ha ha – I report people’s comments on f/book all the time – you know, the anti-politician, anti-human rights, homophobic stuff – which I find threatening and offensive and I don’t take lightly. It is always in patois, and I often wonder what the f/book people who review it think/say/do. But sometimes I do see that the comments are removed …. so maybe they have their Jamaican/English dictionary handy

  • That headline is an attention grabber for sure. lol

  • That is funny. When I signed on it threw me a little bit then I read the paragraph.


    How interesting !!!