Top 10 Things to do If Facebook Goes Down Again

So I thought, what were we all forced to do for the past 15 mins when was down. Here’s a short list pulled from Twitter and my own experience.

1. Reopen that file folder of work that’s on the office desk.

2. Actually Listen to that damn lecturer in front of you.

3. Answer the cell phone. * Steups*

4. Check for new email, every 2 minutes.

5. Surf to other sites such as,, to see what they are saying about Facebook

6. BBMsg a fellow entrepreneur about an article you just saw on about Twitter.

7. Tweet. When you can’t get your Facbeook on. Just Tweet it. Just Tweet it.

8. Tweet some more.

9. WORRY if your food in Cafe World is burning on the stove or if your carrots and potatoes just died.

10. Visit or ?  *Macaulay Culkin’s Face in the movie Home Alone 2*…….Nooooooooooo!!

11. Stare outside your office or classroom window and keep clicking refresh until Facebook reappears in your browser.