Samba Mobile Startup by ex Digicel employees

Ex Digicel employees are like exGoogle employees, they only leave to start something new plus  they are typically successful. Take for example, NewCom, Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall TV show even. And now there’s Samba Mobile. Ever heard of  them?

Samba was founded in the UK in 2009. They  work with mobile networks and the advertising community to provide free access for people to use the internet when they want. Users build their mobile broadband credit by selecting and viewing high quality advertising.

Nobody has ever offered something like Samba before, they claim. So if you want free mobile broadband, just sign up, and we will send you an exclusive invitation when a space appears.

Who’s behind it? Samba is founded by “accomplished internet, mobile and advertising entrepreneurs” from Orange, Digicel and Media Edge:CIA. It is funded by Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O’Brien who owns Digicel brand, the leading telecom service provider in the Caribbean and number one provider in Jamaica.

  • Loved the ex-Digicel / ex-Google reference.
    Was bummed when I found out that Samba Mobile was created by Irish entrepreneur Denis O’Brien as opposed to a local programmer who was hired by Digicel and couldn’t stand the monotonous 9-5, thus starting his own thing.

    Hopefully one day that will happen..

  • Dre

    Quick fact check, is actually part of a group that started in 1995. O’Brien and Leslie Buckley bought the group in 1999. Thats before they started digicel. CaribbeanJobs is just an expansion of an Irish company, the’re not even registered in any of the Caribbean islands. All that money goes back to Ireland.

    On another note samba seems to have good prospects.