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On Becoming a Virtual Entrepreneur

When I looked back these past years, I realised that I've never really had a traditional professional life. The starter was that straight out of college - Utech ( previously known as C.A.S.T) I said no to a desk job as Purchasing Manager at the then Telecommunications of Jamaica (

  • Thanks Monique. There will be follow up posts for sure and I visted your website. WOW! Are you part of that team! What a great idea!

  • Very inspirational and I love blog posts that share the owner/author’s story! It would be nice to see a follow-up post in the future filled with new updates 🙂 Looking forward to reading and learning more!

  • Kuwesi

    Very nice Post! Hopefully I can join the likes of you and others one day…just need to break away from the chains of mental slavery!

    P.S. What Invoicing Apps do you recommend??

  • Thanks Sarita !

  • Thanks babes. Part owner no man. Susie’s is a client though. 🙂

  • Rita ROCKSTAR Rowe

    I LOVE THIS GRID! so VERY VERY proud of you and to have an upfront seat to see YOU unfold every so wonderfully as a virtual ROCKSTAR Entrepreneur….KEEP IT UP MY MOGUL!! 🙂 blessings

  • Great post … couldn’t agree with you more … p.s., the amount of time you spend at susie’s i thought you were a part-owner/manager/something there 🙂