Top 10 Biggest Caribbean Facebook Fan Pages

I’m loving the fact that the Caribbean is showing a strong presence among Facebook’s Fan Pages. Over 500,000 Jamaicans, over 300,000 Trinidadians and it goes on. This list I created is dominated by music and sport -singular cause there’s only one – interests of Jamaica and the Spanish speaking Caribbean. In this list Barbados takes the number 1, spot, Bob Marley plays second fiddle to here on Facebook.

#1 Rihanna
Category: Band/Musician
Fans: 26,590,202
Bajan singer Rihanna holds the # 1 spot with 26,590,202 fans. Yes, you read that right, and yes that is quite a following. Her page features music, videos, photos, her event calendar and “Loudest Fan” a promotion for her new album “Loud”.

2. Bob Marley

Category: Band/Musician

Fans: 21,075,212

The Legend lives on, and having been such a big performer in so many arenas it seems fitting that Bob Marley would be a big performer on Facebook as well. With 20,719,940 fans and the #18 most popular Facebook Fan Page position overall, it outstrips our next on the list by about 14 million fans. The page features a music and merchandise store, cool junk for fans, art work, projects related to Bob Marley and his prodigy, anecdotes, videos and a weekly update “Cover Fridays” which showcases various covers of his songs. All in all it seems to be a good active community to be a part of if you’re a Bob Marley fan.



3. Nicki Minaj

Category: Public Figure

Fans: 7,170, 505

The Trinidadaian artist has been happy to claim us Jamaicans, and I’m not so sure I’m happy to claim her but my lowly opinion has not prevented her racking up 7,170, 505 fans. The page features the standard media – music and photos – but has a lot less personality than I expected from the neon wig wearing, mixed up accent inane lyrics spitting, funny face making, cross eyed rapper. It didn’t make the list but we thought you might also like to know that her ass has a fan page too. With 59,773 fans it features photos -of course- more personality than her Public Page, and the kind of commentary you would expect on a page that is dedicated to well… Ass.




4. Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” -Bob Marley

Category: Interest

Fans: 4,215,782

The third most popular fan page is a quote from Bob Marley. Created under “Interest” and therefore with limited information and interaction Bob has still managed to draw 4,215,782 fans.

5. Ricardo Arjona

Category: Band/Musician

Fans: 3,943,965

Originating in Guatemala Ricardo Arjona is a Grammy Nominated pop singer. Outside of the usual media, I’d love to give props of what his page is about, but it’s all in Spanish.

6. Usain Bolt

Category: Athlete

Fans: 3,719,214

I’m loving that Jamaica is 3 for 5 so far, with Usain Bolt coming in as the 5th most popular Caribbean Facebook Fan Page. The page is boring though, with updates, video clips and news reports in the driest tone. You’d have to be a hard core and boring Bolt fan to really enjoy visiting, however there is also a discussion board that stays pretty busy.






7. Luis Fonsi

Category: Band/Musician

Fans: 3,690,184

This Puerto Rican Musician comes in at the # 5 most popular fan page. This page features the usual media and is all in Spanish.

8. Reggaeton

Category: Musical Genre

Fans: 3,348, 431

Ethnocentrism again, I’m gonna claim this one and split it halvesies with the Latin Caribbean. A blend of Reggae and Latin beats Reggaeton has a following of 3,348,154. Filed under “Musical Genre” there isn’t a whole lot to see there except the description – in Spanish.

9. Sean Kingston

Category: Band/Musician

Fans: 3,198,541

This one is a man after my own heart, I’m not a fan of his bubblegum beats, but I give Kisean Anderson big props for claiming us; even going so far as to change his name to Kingston, just in case you might miss his Jamaicanness. His page features videos, photos and merchandise, but mostly a stream of nonsensical posts about his hourly activities.

10. Tony Dize

Category: Band/Musician

Fans: 2,982,820

Venezuelan Musician Tony Dize has the # 9 most popular Facebook Fan Page. I wish I could tell you more about it, but, again it’s in Spanish.

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