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Top 10 Biggest Caribbean Facebook Fan Pages

I’m loving the fact that the Caribbean is showing a strong presence among Facebook’s Fan Pages. Over 500,000 Jamaicans, over 300,000 Trinidadians and it goes on. This list I created is dominated by music and sport -singular cause there’s only one - interests of Jamaica and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

  • Yep, swords sheathed.

  • Lisa

    swords sheathed 🙂

  • Yeah it’s afterwards that we realise that Rihanna is in there. We’re going to change this by tomorrow. Thanks for not taking it personal.

  • not trying to be too biased but without even checking the numbers I thought where is Rihanna? After checking the numbers I notice Ri Ri has a calm 26,351,728. Almost 5 million more than the others on this top listing.