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  • I do agree with you, but more specifically I think, depending on the app, the traditional business model – users/consumers paying for services – might not necessarily be the best option. Most apps are being sold too cheaply to perhaps make the venture profitable.

    I think other options/business models should be explored or developed…

  • I think there is something that’ll be done pretty soon about that. Watch this space. πŸ™‚

  • yes i do you think apps developed in the Caribbean can be commercially viable but it all comes down to the approach that the developers take. It not just about developing an app, its not because you built it people will use. Its has to creating value, aspects such as its revenue model, business model, life cycle, market etc. also have to be considered.

    It also calls for a great change in the Caribbean people mindset too.

  • I look forward to seeing the sort of Caribbean-driven apps that are developed in the region. My concern, however, is whether there is money can be made from them – I expect the developers would hope to at least recoup the money spent to develop the app.

    Do you think these apps will be commercially viable?

  • Brilliant article you have touched on many topics which I think will open the eyes of many developers. As programmers their are many aspects to developing an app which are often neglected. As soon as an idea pops up the first thing most developers do is begin coding.

    At my company Caribonix we spend at least a month on the planing phase alone depending on the size of the app, which covers many of the topics you mentioned above this ensures that the entire team knows the overall vision and direction of the app and are ready to tackle any problems that may arise.

    Web & Mobile applications development are slowly growing in the Caribbean, we will eventually get to the level we need to be at and start producing very amazing Caribbean driven apps