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Caribbean Mobile Market Rising, Rising

It is no secret that in the Caribbean people are crazy about their cell phones. In fact, the Caribbean has one of the highest levels of mobile phone penetration in the world. According to a report from BuddeComm, an Australia-based telecom research firm, mobile phone penetration in Latin America and the

  • Rob

    Question for iPhone users in the Caribbean…what App Store do you download apps from. It looks like only Jamaica and Dominican have dedicated stores on iTunes. Are Caribbean users able to download iPhone apps from the US app store? Any insight on how that works would be greatly appreciated.


  • Samuel, so with you on that one. What I think we need a little bit more of….expertise and seed money. I have a strong feeling we’re gonna get that this year too. 🙂

  • Definitely the time for revolutionizing the Caribbean mobile and web development is now. For too long the Caribbean has just been looked at as a party hot spot. We have the technology, capability, resources and the talent to produce revolutionary apps like the US, UK and other parts of the world.