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  • I have been promoting QR codes in Jamaica for just over a year now, having used them in some of my columns in the Jamaica Observer to point readers to documents online, videos and so forth. I am glad to see Flow using it in their print ads but unfortunately they do not include an explanation of what to do (Jamaicans with a BlackBerry will wrongly assume it is a BBM code to add someone and the rest have no idea what it is) as well as pointing it to their regular website.

    Before we decide to jump on something we should do more research to understand the best practices. QR codes will definitely catch on among the smartphone set so I agree with you there. We have been showing case studies to clients and will soon be rolling out a QR code campaign in Jamaica for one of them that finally bought into the campaign we presented.

    Check out my Facebook profile to see how I am using QR codes (they are also on my business cards).