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Top 20 Most Popular Caribbean Social Networks (Updated)

The Caribbean is on Facebook and the stampede to connect there happened pretty much in the last year in particularly. There are now collectively just under 5 million Caribbean people on Facebook as of March this year, out an estimated 15 million Caribbean internet users ( based on InternetWorldStats data).

Before Facebook however, and during the era of and VibesConnect, Caribbean Social Networks bloomed. We had published this Top 20 Caribbean Social Networks a year ago. We wanted to revisit to see which sites are still around and if there were any brave new ones on the scene.

Top 20 Most Popular social media sites

1. – One of the first social networks online. It’s 5 years old and founded by eCaribbean Ltd based in St Kitts.

2. – The Caribbean’s first Sports Fan social network founded by Grace Kennedy in 2009 for the Boys and Girls Championshipss

3. – A video sharing site for Caribbean Videos that just lauched a version 2 of their site and has an active membership base of just over 10,000.

4. – A social network for lovers or Dancehall and Reggae music. Site is in the deadpool.

5. – A social network for Caribbean teenagers worldwide, founded by a London-based Jamaican.

6. – A social network for Caribbean Americans. Founded by a Atlanta-based Jamaican.

7. – The professional networking site for Caribbean nationals worldwide. Founded by a US-based Trinidadian.

8. – The number one party and social scene network for Trinidadians worldwide.

9. – Trinidad’s largest online community of car enthusiasts.

10. – Jamaica’s largest online community of car enthusiasts.

11. – One of the first social networks spawned from Jamaica, was sold by its Jamaican Founder who went on to launch the VibesNetwork of sites.

12. – A two year old site that brings together Caribbean classmates now has 11,000 members.

13. – A Caribbean hub for online communities and groups. Gained just under 50,000 members then went into the deadpool. If nothing else it was a fantastic data mining exercise, from which lots of information can be gathered.

14. – A site focused on reuniting Caribbean high school mates worldwide. Was one of the very first social networks in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

15. – A site now has a under construction message on their site. Headed to the deadpool it seems.

16. – The largest singles dating site in the Caribbean. Over 60,000 members. Arguable one of top 3 most successful social sites started by an American-based Jamaican.

17. – The largest Jamaican dating site. Over 30,000 members.

18. – The Caribbean’s first gay and lesbian social network

19. – The Caribbean’s first bloggers network. Over 200 blogs. The original idea died. They have since pivoted to become  how to sign to help spur the development of blogging in the Caribbean.

20. – They’ve hyped themselves as rated #1Caribbean social network. Ahmm with 1,600 members? Have a ways to go people.