Facebook is truly global and here are the recent numbers to prove it

According to a just release comScore report, Facebook continues to amass visitors across the globe. In March 2011, 693 million unique visitors age 15+ visited Facebook.com from a home or work computer worldwide, up 43% from the previous year. At the regional level, Europe is home to the largest audience of users at 234.6 million visitors (up 38%), followed by North America with 163.9 million (up 26%). The Middle East – Africa region saw the largest growth rate increasing 63% in the past year to 90.3 million visitors, while the Asia Pacific region experienced strong growth as well with visitation to Facebook.com up 62% to 121.7 million visitors. In Latin America, 82.5 million people visited Facebook.com in March, up 55%.

Chart: comScore_Facebook Global Growth

Photos: iStockphoto

comScore_Facebook Global Growth

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