Snapshot: How affordable is Internet service in the Caribbean?

Internet Service in the Caribbean

In an earlier post, we examined the amount spent on Internet service in the Caribbean. Now, in the last of our Snapshot series (for now), we look at the affordability of that service across the region.

Access to and the availability of Internet service is becoming increasingly important as we transition to knowledge-based societies. However, it is important that the service is affordable to ensure that as many people as possible can comfortably bear the expense. This post aims to explore how affordable an Internet service plan with a common download speed is across the English-speaking Caribbean, and how the region might compare with more developed countries. More

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    In the town areas which have coverage by digicel/dekal wireless in Jamaica, one pays an average of $2700/month. Lime broadband via cable is about $1000 more.
    Hughesnet satellite service in the country areas is exhorbitant, working out at $1700US for dish and receiver/modem not including installation and US$90/month for poor service