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Laptops versus tablets, which one is better?

Over the last two years or so, and especially with the introduction of the Apple’s iPad last year, computing tablets have been growing in popularity. They are often depicted as a hybrid of a smartphone and a laptop (or notebook), but increasingly, people are reportedly replacing their laptop with a

  • JA2BK

    When factoring in what a great number of people do with their PC in general, they may be better suited to have a tablet. Heck, some could really get by with a smartphone, but it is good to have the bigger screen real estate. People surf the web, do social networking/IM, listen to music, and watch videos. Add in the occasional need to view a document/spreadsheet and even lower need to create either. As a consumption device, the tablet is the better device. The only issue is the lack of storage in comparison to a laptop 32GB vs 500GB or more.