Moving into triple play: 5 key considerations as LIME expands into subscriber TV

Cable & Wireless in the Caribbean, also known as LIME, plans to launch subscriber TV service in the region. This post examines some of the benefits and challenges of that move.

On Monday, 3 October, Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) announced that it had selected Avail-TVN to provide the AnyViewTM platform video services for its Caribbean subsidiary, LIME. LIME, plans to roll out subscriber TV services throughout the region, starting with Jamaica and Barbados, where service should be launched by the first quarter of 2012. This new service will reportedly be made available on the company’s copper network, which is already used for its fixed-line telephony and Internet services.

Although it might not be widely known, LIME has been offering subscriber TV service, specifically cable TV, in some countries across the region, such as Saint Lucia. However, this project promises to be considerably more comprehensive, so it is instructive to consider some of the key benefits and challenges that could occur. More