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  • Ahmm have you seen the price of the Galaxy S 11″s that’s no poor man’s iphone at all….cost is J$70k. Man everyone is burying RIM…lawwks…we’ll see…the world belongs to Android and iphone right now, but Android needs to settle on a single Android if you know what you mean…market to damn fragmented with all manner of standards and ting.

  • lol…i hear you.

  • Kamron

    And another thing, hmmm wonder how the market would react if the galaxy just plain and shamelessly copied the BBM concept? That’s all the BB has going for it now. And where is Nokia in all this? Guys – Nokia makes the best phones in the world, hands down! They need to come quick with cool and edgy before it gets mauled by the aforementioned trio. The whole Windows move they made was a horrible decision in my opinion, let’s see how that pans out. What the hell was wrong with symbian and J2ME? Gosh, I loved my E71! They [nokia] too need to shamelessly copy RIM and incorporate some kind of service similar to the BB and now that would set the cat amongst the pigeons in this fracas of the smart phones lets see who mauls whom!!!

  • Kamron

    The galaxy will be gaining ground if Apple doesn’t stonewall it’s efforts like it seems to be doing in every other country on earth. Blackberry will soon start losing their stronghold to the Galaxy – c’mon, Android. Its free people, free. Free for Samsung to use (the joys of open source), they don’t have to pay humongous sums for operating system development [like Blackberry (BB) and Apple] so, that money is spent on R&D in the technology and marketing. We know apple has seemingly limitless sums of money and they have the cool going for them but the Galaxy is the poor man’s iPhone and when you are marketing to the Caribbean where the majority of us can’t step to the iPhone’s uppity price we’ll settle for the Galaxy. The BB is overrated and though it is innovative RIM has not yet seemed to nail down the whole touch screen thingy that seems to have the world by the bollocks. So open, affordable and functional will eventually edge out the stuffy snob and the outdated and boring yuppy! In other words: Galaxy will edge out the iphone and the Blackberry.

  • JA2BK

    The winner is… the people of the Caribbean. Now if parity on data pricing could come, then you will really see the market at work. Right now, Blackberry is winning more by cost than just BBM. BBM is the bonus. But WhatsApp is getting some mindshare now. So, only thing holding people back is cost. Android would probably be the winner over even iPhone as you can sideload apps without using the Android Market. Someone could even make a Caribbean Market app (a la Amazon Market for Android) and there you go.

  • Just glad to see the Caribbean now officially involved in the smartphone tug-o-war.

    I don’t think there will be any singular winner but it’s good to have choices!

  • Dare I say that Jamaicans don’t care about apps? lol. The iphone and android markets have allot of growing to do before they can saturate the local market and getting rid of RIM & BB is not going to help them gain market share. I’ll have to think about it write some stuff down from a objective perspective.

  • I agree…it all comes down to the Apps. We need more Apps for people and Caribbean and Lat Am markets to get excited about and be willing to download for free or for a fee.

  • Thing is though Marsha, we have only a few BB apps being used by the Caribbean market…in fact it’s only the Blackberry Messenger that’s has RIM still number one in the market as we have agreed. I wish Caribbean Developers will get their finger out and start churning out apps for this Caribbean and latin American market. And darn, Siri doesn’t speak patois, well we’ll have to teach her. LOL

  • Marsha-Ann

    I think BB will maintain the hold on the caribbean for now due to the BBM which so many caribbean people utilize a lot compared to SMS. The complaint I have heard from many Caribbean folks with an iPhone is that there are not a lot of apps that can be utilized in the Caribbean – may if more apps for the Caribbean region are developed and released we may see more of an adoption. I however think the BBM feature of BB will keep it a King in the Caribbean for now.

    I have the iPhone 4S and confirm that poor Siri doesn’t understand patois … LOL

  • The apple iPhone of course. all that’s needed is the support in the way of cheaper parts and the Apple iPhone can be going places in Jamaica and become the next big thing.

    Plus with mobile payments on the rise thanks to Scotia Visa Debit, being able to purchase apps just became something we Jamaicans with debit card can partake in