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  • JA2BK

    Well, I was totally wrong on this one. Digi slash rates under a “promo”. But, they have since gotten rid of the BB data plan model, in essence, with their new 4G plans. You either stuck on EDGE with BB or you are on 3G/4G with rates that mean you might as well get an iPhone or Android. They made 3G/4G a premium product instead of the baseline (that it should be) for even BB.

    Definitely not the hard decision maker it could have been.

  • JA2BK

    I don’t know of the margins were so high when LIME had to pay DIGI a certain termination rate for each call made to their network. That rate was slashed recently by government. I think that had a lot to do with the rate change being passed to consumers. This was the intended effect. DIGI now should respond in kind. Only arrogance would make a company not respond. But, they could even respond by slashing data plan rates. This would make it a hard decision even when portability comes into play. Let the chess begin.