18 Teams now confirmed to compete in the Caribbean BETA PitchFest! this Friday Nov 16th in Kingston,Jamaica

At the close of our submission date and after vetting entries, we can now confirm that there are 18 teams now confirmed to pitch their Caribbean Tech Idea in this second annual Caribbean BETA Pitchfest. We are excited!

The Caribbean BETA PitchFest is where the smartest minds and most passionate people come to pitch their big ideas that can solve problems and create opportunities. They do it for connections, mentorship, development support and the braggable of having the Top Caribbean Tech Idea of 2012.

At the end of the contest we will select the top 3 winners.

The Pitchfest takes place at 2:30pm sharp on the agenda at Caribbean BETA- Tech Entrepreneurship Conference, this Friday November 16th, Blue Mountain Suite, Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston Jamaica.

The Conference starts at 9:00 am sharp and ends at 5:30pm

If you signed up online for prepaid tickets, please pay for them at the door and collect your arm band. If you missed the prepaid ticket prices, please bring your cash, company/organisation cheques with you. For the EZ Pass ( at the door) it is $1,500jmd, this ticket gives you entry & coffee break and for the Networker ( at the door)it’s $3,250jmd, this gives you entry, coffee break and lunch.

Caribbean BETA PitchFest is a testimony that the tech entrepreneurship is growing.


Last year winners of the Caribbean BETA PitchFEst 2011 were

1. Dmitri Dawkins


3. Socialite

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